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Aaron Borg


2022 & 2023 V8 SuperUte Champion

2019 Toyota 86 Racing Series Champion

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About Aaron

From a young age, all Aaron Borg dreamed about was getting behind the wheel of a race car. This dream seemed impossible to achieve as Aaron was born with a severe heart condition where the flow of blood from the heart’s pumping chamber was heavily restricted.

Aaron spent most of his childhood in and out of hospital, and as he continued to grow older his condition worsened. By the time Aaron was 5 years old he was not able to walk more than 50 metres without running out of breath. During Aaron’s first few years at school, he was required to wear heart monitors, preventing him from enjoying life as a normal child. He was not able to run around and enjoy play times with his friends, as his heart did not allow him to.

When Aaron was just 7 years old, his parents were advised that Aaron would need to have open heart surgery or he may not survive. After facing many challenges during the lead up, Aaron finally had a successful surgery.


Growing up in a family obsessed with racing, Aaron’s goal was always to race but even though most kids could start karting when they are 7, Aaron had to wait until he got cleared by the heart specialist. This finally came when Aaron was 10 years old and he has never looked back.

20 years later, Aaron is the only driver to have had open heart surgery and race at close to 300km/h around the infamous Mt Panorama circuit in Bathurst.